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DiaBuBu (Poland)

The ensemble plays ancient melodies such as mazurkas, obereks, kujawiaks, polkas, tangos and foxtrots, as well as Jewish melodies. This, they say, confirms that such music is still alive, existing here and now, immediately flooding the body and soul with the energy of dance.

"We love this music very much, it is full of content, but in an economical form, you could say it's elegant," says Bartosz Pulinski, the band's leader.

So far, DiaBuBu's main source of inspiration and repertoire has been folk musicians such as accordionists Sławomir Czekalski, Czesław Kocemba, violinist Jan Szymański and the Rochale brothers: accordionist Wiesław, violinist, clarinet player and drummer Janusz. The ensemble also uses recordings made by Professor Andrzej Bieńkowski between 1985 and 2000, archives of the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography in Łódź, recordings of Polish Radio and the Institute of Arts of the Polish Academy of Sciences, etc.

DiaBuBu captures the hearts of listeners, their music inspires dancing, and the extraordinary temperament and talent of the performers leave no one indifferent. The group has played at the most famous folk festivals in Poland and abroad and has been awarded in numerous competitions.

Members of the group:

Bartosz Pulinski (accordion) - band leader

Jakub Stefanowicz - violin

Jakub Korona - drum

Song from DiaBuBu repertoire:

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