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Svātra (Latvia)

Folklore band Svātra came together in 1994 for the first time to regale folklore art lovers’ eyes and ears. In the songs of Svātra the inkling of the traditions and life of our ancestors is felt. More than 25 singers and dancers receive advice on how to live their lives in the most varied, humane and harmonized way.

There are traditional mythological, honorary, social songs, quadrilles and ring dances in the repertoire of the folklore group. The songs and dances are accompanied by traditional Latvian music instruments – kokle, violin, pipes, drum, cither, accordion, and double-bass.

The first CD Lobreiteņ, reitā agri was issued in 2008. With later published albums Seši reiti nedeļā and Latgales danči un ne tikai folklore ensemble Svātra is inviting the listener to dance along with the music.

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