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Volha Baryshnikava (Belarus / Poland)

Volha Baryshnikava is a Belarusian ethnomusicologist, a singer and a teacher of traditional singing, instrumentalist musician (accordion, frame drum). She learned to sing from her grandmother, and studied to be a choir conductor in Belarusian State Academy of Music, has a degree as Master of Music, researches the singing style of the territory of the Upper Dnieper region in the area of the Mogilev-Smolensk border and musical folklore of Old-believers on Belarusian-Lithuanian-Latvian border. Conducted master classes on traditional singing in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus.

Volha Baryshnikava will invite you to learn Belarusian dances at the traditional dance evenings on Thursday and Friday.

On Saturday, at the event "Tradicijų akiračiai: pažinti suprasti", she will lead a traditional singing master class, teaching a traditional Belarusian wedding song from the Western Vitebsk region.

And on Saturday, Volha Baryshnikava at a concert of foreign performers called "Nakties muzika" will demonstrate singing typical of the Western Vitebsk region (Šarkaŭščyna district), including calendar ritual (green week, "siomukha"), family ritual (weddings, christening) and lyrical songs.

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