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VILCE (Ukraine)

Vilce is a folk group made up of young women from Kyiv. The singers perform traditional music without interpretations, loving it truly as it is. To get as close to an authentic sound as possible, they learn songs from expedition recordings, travel to villages to record the songs, and learn singing and ancient knowledge from the old performers.

The band’s repertoire covers a variety of genres, but it is dominated by ceremonial wedding songs. This choice is determined by the composition of the collective because in traditional culture it was women’s voices that accompanied many sacral moments. Higher sounds spread better in wide open spaces, and according to folk beliefs, such singing can awaken the forces of nature, and facilitate communication with the ancestors. All the spring, summer, and family ceremonies were celebrated by women and girls.

The name of the group is also related to weddings. A “vilce” is a small tree decorated with ribbons, candy, and flowers during a wedding celebration. It becomes a symbol of fertility, plentitude, and continuous renewal of life.

Currently, the ensemble consists of five members, of which three are professional folklore artists and researchers. The aim of the group is to introduce as many people as possible to traditional Ukrainian culture, to show how beautiful, rich, and relevant (especially!) it is right now.

Vilce actively participates in charitable events and is open to proposals to collaborate with artists and projects in various fields.

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