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Alutaguse Rahvamuusikud (Estonia)

"Alutaguse rahvamuusikud" ("Alutaguse Folk Musicians") came together in the autumn of 2022 to take part in the Youth Song and Dance Festival.

The ensemble has 8 members, 5 of whom still go to school. "Alutaguse rahvamuusikud" is special because all its members come from different towns to rehearse and attend different schools.

The traditional musicians include those who play the kannel, garmon or are even proficient in several traditional instruments. The ensemble is particularly happy to have a talented violinist who can impress with spontaneous and masterful solo parts. The ensemble is slowly filling up, with members of the musicians' families deciding to join.

Meeli Õunap, the leader of "Alutaguse rahvamuusikud", says that the ensemble is made up of golden nuggets who dedicate their time to working together. She is pleased that the young people, with a multitude of other activities to choose from, are choosing to learn traditional music and thus preserve the cultural heritage of their ancestors.

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