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Babskyi Kozachok (Ukraine)

The women's group Babskyi Kozachok (eng. Women's Cossack), initiated in 2009 by Irina Klymenko and Olena Honcharenko, presents a wide range of Ukrainian women's musical tastes in the way folklore collectors recorded them at the end of the 20th century. These include ancient lyrical songs about unhappy love, an angry mother-in-law, an unfaithful husband, which have been relevant to women throughout history, and old ritual melodies (spring, rye harvest), which have been preserved miraculously in the living tradition until our times. The lyrical and archaic themes are contrasted with the mocking, humorous and even sarcastic themes typical for Ukrainian women, which reign supreme in the dance sing-alongs. The title of one such sing-along from Pohoryne, Babskyi Kozachok, gave its name to the ensemble.

The core of the group is joined on various occasions by talented Ukrainian folk performers from other groups. Halina Pshenichkina, Tania Chuhno (from the ensemble Volodar), and Nadia Khanis (from the ensemble Viltse) came together to the festival "Skamba skamba kankliai". The ensemble's repertoire also includes works performed by male voices, such as recruits' songs, Cossack songs and traditional chants. In this festival, the Ukrainians are joined by the Lithuanian "Cossack" - Rytis Ambrazevičius has been asked to play this role.

A song from the Babskyi Kozachok repertoire:

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