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Banga (Latvia)

The folklore group Banga was founded in 2016 by friends who grew up together in the families of participants of the Latvian neo-folklore movement, and who now represent the new generation of Latvian folklore culture. Over time, the group has grown and expanded its repertoire by studying traditional culture and creating conceptual concerts and performances based on the folklore of Latvia and neighboring nations.

The members of Banga have mastered traditional singing techniques, especially polyphonic and drone singing, and play a variety of traditional instruments such as bagpipes, kokle (Latvian plucked string instrument), flutes, accordions and others. The group also has both ethnographic costumes and costumes made as reconstructions of archeological clothing that were partly handmade by themselves.

Banga’s biggest projects have been the study of Latvian Jewish folk music, as well as a collective work called "Talka", which is the central theme of their new studio album (scheduled for release in 2022).

A song from Banga's repertoire:

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